Vampire Facelift Treatment

Vampire Facelift Treatment

Vampire Facelift is really a platelet rich fibrin network which contains blood plasma improved with platelets alongside mininimal RBC and other platelets. The centralization of the platelets ought to in a perfect world be 2-3 times the patient’s own blood test to get most extreme impact as NON SURGICAL FACE LIFT.

The dermatologist pulls back blood from the venous line of patient circulatory framework through a cannula and afterward a similar blood is treated with different perfect arrangements and afterward centrifuged at an assigned rpm in a centrifugation machine. This arrangement must be taken care of delicately so the cells don’t break. The Platelet rich plasma which contains platelets and other blood characteristic development factors is then either deliberately rubbed or infused in the patients face for NON SURGICAL FACELIFT.

The arrangement whenever infused is then taken in a fine measure needle syringe and infused at the pre assigned territories of the face to have a wrinkle free/young appearance. This is a generally excellent choice as a NON SURGICAL FACELIFT as no cutting edge, cut, draining or post employable consideration is required by the patient. The patient can continue his/her work following 1 hour of strategy. The infusions can be finished 10-20 minutes. The platelet rich plasma itself is utilized as a characteristic “DERMAL FILLERS FOR FACE LIFT”.

It can likewise be joined with different fillers like juvederm if the need is there. It is an exceptionally sheltered and result arranged method as there is no dread of unfavorably susceptible response since patients possess platelets are infused back and in this way is very much endured NON SURGICAL FACELIFT system.

This is technique is all around acknowledged even by Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities.Its finished with every aseptic safeguard in our Center by the dermatologist from the year 2011 onwards. A few clinicians like to rub the extricated platelet rich plasma rather than infusion with the assistance of Dermaroller, Dermapen, or Laser. We at our Center have the offices of all the recorded alternatives.

The pulled back blood and the concentrated platelets in a perfect world ought to be infused following the concentrated arrangement is made to have most extreme NON SURGICAL FACELIFT results. The outcomes can be acknowledged following 2-3 days of infusion. In the event that the arrangement is kneaded rather than infusion, at that point the patient is exhorted not to wash the face for at any rate 12-14 hours to have greatest impact.