Stretch Marks


What are stretch marks?

Stretch marks are the irregular lines or streaks on the skin formed due to rapid stretching or distending of the dermis. The skin fades, get discolored, and the appearance of scars become evident. Some of the major reasons behind getting the stretch marks are:

  • Rapid and quick weight reduction
  • Stretching of the skin during pregnancy
  • Indulging in excessive exercise
  • Intake of steroids
  • Hormonal changes
  • Puberty

These are some of the most common reasons which leads to a sudden change in the skin texture and attainment of stretch marks.

Stretch marks are more common in women due to the rapid weight increase in pregnancy. Also called striae gravidarum, they occur when the dermis of the skin tears rapidly. They form scarring in the skin, making it dull and faded with an off-color hue.

Stretch marks are believed to reduce with a course of time but once they appear on the skin, getting rid of them naturally is impossible. You may try different creams and lotions, but these products will never make them vanish completely. Generally, stretch marks appear in the areas like abdomen, breasts, thighs, underarms, upper arms, hips where the excess amount of fat is stored. They start appearing as reddish or purplish lesions converting into areas with fade pigmentation.

Stretch marks are not harmful to health, but they create an embarrassment nuisance. Therefore consulting experienced dermatologists at Agelock Skin Clinic Chandigarh and getting rid of them completely is a good option to consider.

Stretch Marks Removal Treatment Regime

Agelock Skin Clinic offers a unique approach in stretch marks removal treatment from different parts of the body. The treatment is effective not only in the initial stages of stretch marks development but the later stages as well.

Our approach includes high-density PRP treatment followed by the sessions of micro needling. The entire procedure is combined with Obagi Blue pill which gives excellent results in the early stages of treatment.

These treatments are combined with fractional ablative and non-ablative lasers and tissue regeneration along with serum infusion. When the skin is relaxed, and loose fat is present, we provide exclusively available Thermi Tight treatment at Agelock Skin Clinic. It works effectively in reducing the marks and enhancing the texture of the skin.

Agelock Skin Clinic offers customized treatment to their patient which makes it the most reliable best stretch marks removal center in Chandigarh.

Why Agelock Skin Clinic is Best Clinic for Stretch Marks Removal in Chandigarh?

Laser stretch mark removal is an advanced medical technique. The doctors at Agelock Skin Clinic are well-qualified and experienced to endow a successful outcome. Moreover, the stretch marks removal cost in Chandigarh is most reasonable in Agelock Skin Clinic.

The laser stretch mark removal reviews of Agelock Skin Clinic are highly appreciable. Patients who took the treatment got positive results with reduced starch marks. The skin becomes smooth and flawless all over again. If you have any query feel free to ask our experts.