Platelets-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy


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Platelets-Rich Plasma — PRP Therapy in Chandigarh is an effective hair loss treatment that comprises of 3 steps. Read on to know more about the processes involved in this treatment.

Why do we need this treatment?

Human cells can’t work ideally when they are not completely hydrated. This prompts tissue harm that we call maturing. Your tissue issues can be fixed by utilizing the HydraFacial items that energize sound cell turnover, in addition to a blend of cancer prevention agents, hostile to inflammatory, and hydrating fixings.

The Hydra Facial treatment, which is hydrating and non-bothering, can make your dim spots lighter, help dispose of scarce differences all over, clear skin break out and different redness, and furthermore help dispose of hypersensitivity actuated puffy or stripping eyelids. Your skin will be gentler and your pores will be more clear.

1) Drawing a patient’s blood

A sample of blood will be taken from your arm and placed into a centrifuge

2) Processing the sample

After undergoing rapid movement inside the centrifuge, the sample separates into three layers- platelets-poor plasma, platelets-rich plasma and RBCs.

3) Injecting the blood into the patient’s scalp

Your dermatologist will take platelet-rich plasma in a syringe and then inject it into the regions of scalp that need more hair growth.

Platelets-Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) has been in practice since the 1980s and is a safe procedure, especially when performed by a skilled dermatologist like Dr. Jagatjit Singh Kohli.

PRP therapy usually consists of 3 treatments in a 6-weeks period. Patients must also visit the doctor for maintenance treatments twice or thrice a year.

4 Things you must know about PRP Therapy

  • PRP treatment has been used since many years to promote wound healing in trauma and joint injury.
  • It can help address male pattern baldness and promote the growth of hair transplants, besides, of course, other cosmetic procedures.
  • The results may become noticeable after 6 months. Please note that the positive changes that you experience are not permanent; hence, you must follow-up with touch-up injections on time.
  • The treatment is generally safe as the method uses a person’s own tissues.

After PRP Therapy

    • A patient must not wash the treated area for at least 48 hours.
    • It is common to experience discomfort on the treated area for 2-3 days. In case you experience severe pain, do notify your dermatologist.
    • You can resume your hair coloring routine 10 days after your PRP treatment

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