Pigmentation Removal


A Transparent skin complexion is what all folks wish to have. It isn’t simple to be flawless. Excess manufacturing of melanin for your body causes darkish patches or spots in your pores and skin. 

There are many other causes for pigmentation on pores and skin such as solar injury, hormonal imbalance and every so often pigmentation can happen because of dangerous environmental components. In some rare circumstances, pigmentation on the pores and skin may also be led to via a pigmentation disorder or as a facet impact of a chronic illness.

Diagnosis and remedy of the skin pigmentation through a professional dermatologist is all that you wish to have to get a clearer skin. At Dr. JAGAJIT SINGH KOHLI Dermatology Clinic in Chandigarh, we at all times emphasize on studying the root reason behind the skin pigmentation first, before beginning the method of treatment to cut back the pigmentation. Knowing the underlying reason enables us to supply you actual scientific recommendation and treatment for better and sooner effects.


A chemical peel will also be advisable no longer only on your facial pores and skin but to additionally give a boost to the illusion of the surface on your hands and neck. Peeling is an excessively old technique which remains to be being used for pores and skin rejuvenation. In old occasions, sour milk and wine were one of the hottest ingredients for facials as well as good looks baths. As the title suggests, those peels remove the higher layer of the surface which is dead and impure as a way to grow new pores and skin layer in its place which will likely be younger, plump and radiant compared to the previous top layer of the surface. Dr. JAGAJIT SINGH KOHLI Dermatology provides you an advanced chemical peel treatment to do away with pores and skin pigmentation once and for all. You’ll be amazed to peer how contemporary and enhanced your skin color & texture will be.


Skin discoloration or pigmentation is an unwanted skin condition. Mesotherapy is an exceptionally helpful remedy when we discuss skin pigmentation. 

Mesotherapy at Dr. JAGAJIT SINGH KOHLI Dermatology Clinic, our dermatologists use diet C and extra such ingredients which actively help within the reduction of pores and skin discoloration. These components are instilled into your facial pores and skin thru Electrophoration. It works at the deeper layer of the surface and protects it from unfastened radicals to provide your pores and skin a refreshed look.


The use of laser has brought a revolution in dermatology procedures. Laser Toning is a remedy for Skin Pigmentation which matches naturally to toughen the collagen production via destroying pigmentation cells.


As clear via the identify itself, this is an immediate facial treatment designed for individuals who want fast results without spending an excessive amount of time on the remedy classes. The results of Insta-Glow Peel Facial are astonishing as your pores and skin will nearly straight away start taking a look nourished, moisturized and luminous.

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