Photo Facial

Photo Facial

Photofacial Treatment in Chandigarh

Among Latest techniques of dermatology treatments, Laser Photo Facial treatment is the one that is available for patients who desires for a radiant complexion. This treatment isn’t just meant for those with skin problems that is happening because of many reasons like the aging process, red blotches, broken blood vessels or maybe skin spots; instead, it’s equally beneficial for those that have medical conditions like hyperpigmentation or rosacea.

Now some May be wondering like What it is ? & How it works !

What is Photofacial or IPL?

In this treatment, skincare specialists uses the phototherapy to deliver the specified results that the patient is Looking for. It is done with the with the utilization of specially designed laser equipment which help in boosting the collagen amount in Skin. It also helps within the treatment of brown spots and diminishes the fine lines and wrinkles formed on the face to make your Skin look Young & Perfect.

How does Photofacial work?

Eye ware are provided to the Patients to guard the patient’s eye from bright flashes of the Laser. To act as a lubricant, a cool gel is applied on the skin area that has to be treated. During the Laser Photo Facial treatment at Agelock Skin clinic in Chandigarh, high energy rays of the sunshine are passed to eliminate or reduce the visible signs on problematic area. This includes the discoloration of the skin and even facial wrinkles. The skin gets required impetus to supply more collagen, which further helps the skin to become more supple and smooth. For optimal results, the method could also be repeated at regular intervals of three weeks.

Now What are the Benefits of this Procedure?

*It helps to make sure that the skin gets a natural glow and therefore the complexion becomes smoother.
*It helps in fighting various problems like pigmentation, wrinkles, fine lines etc.
*This treatment are often used for various other skin conditions and also helps in skin resurfacing and tightening to give skin more fresh look.
*It is painless and quick, which makes it one among the foremost preferred treatments.

Agelock Skin Clinic provides the Best Photofacial laser treatment in Chandigarh

One of the simplest things about Agelock Skin clinic is that it provides all the newest treatments that are known to the cosmetic industry. The Photofacial Laser treatment is provided by the Experts who has received the relevant training and knows the way to perform this procedure. This treatment further requires an expert eye therefore the right changes and settings are made that in the treatment.