Non Surgical

Non-Invasive Facial Contouring Options For The Lower Face

The lower face is topic to larger challenges relating to growing older in the face

Gravity plays an enormous role in how the face ages over time. Common on a regular basis factors that give a contribution to premature getting old in the face include unprotected sun exposure, environmental components like air pollution and greenhouse gasoline emissions, chemicals in skincare products, synthetic ingredients in meals, and way of life factors like smoking, drinking, and other poisonous parts in day-to-day life. As we age, the surface sags through the years, leading to the natural drooping of the surface. When the surface ages, it loses elasticity and firmness, feels thinner, and looks less plump than it used to several decades in the past. 


One of the first signs of growing old is the lack of quantity within the pores and skin, which leads to the hollowing impact in the under-eye area, cheeks, lips, and the entire appearance of the face. (The body is similarly affected, but we will be able to duvet that in articles dedicated to body-related getting older issues.) To lend a hand repair plumpness and resiliency within the skin, laser applied sciences can be utilized to modify pores and skin buildings, scale back wrinkles, contour the treatment areas, and rejuvenate the outside from the inside out. The face has many elements to it, so we’ve broken down contouring options into two sections: higher and decrease.