Miami Peels Treatment

Miami Peels Treatment

What is the Miami Peel?

The Miami Peel is a proven light to medium peel formula, containing salicylic acid 30%, ascorbic acid (nutrition C), inexperienced tea extract and different antioxidants. It effectively exfoliates and removes dead pores and skin cells, helps stimulate the renewal of the skin, diminishes the illusion of pores and helps lighten or even the surface tone.

The Miami Peel S-30 system is for those who want to reach a more youthful and even skin tone, correct photograph aging, solar injury and pigment discoloration of any sort. It is particularly really useful in the remedy of zits, as it is helping keep watch over the sebaceous glands and oil secretion and its anti inflammatory advantages will simultaneously help in the treatment of post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation associated with pimples lesions.

Is there any downtime?

There is no downtime. In truth, with the Miami Peel S-30 you can undergo a peel to your lunch hour and return to work, so long as you steer clear of over the top warmth, solar publicity and apply a sunblock.

What happens when the Miami Peel treatment is over?

Everyone’s enjoy might be different. However, on reasonable you’re going to see flaking of the surface by means of day two or 3 following the treatment. It is possible to see flaking for up to 5 or 6 days. With the Miami Peel S-30, most effective mild to medium exfoliation will probably be experienced.