What is Melasma?

It basically refers to a skin affliction where spots appear that are darker than normal skin on the face, neck, back, upper lips, nose and chin that refuse to go away with normal creams and lotion. It is one of the most common worries of expecting or new mothers. There are several treatments but we believe that laser treatment is best to eliminate Melasma, as it works instantly and has proven results.

  • Melasma during pregnancyOnce you start getting melasma during pregnancy, it might get difficult to treat it later. If you are pregnant during summer there are high chances that you may get a bad case of melasma. However, in most cases melasma might get resolved after child-birth. 
  • Melasma after oral contraceptives : If you find any brown splotches on your face while taking oral contraceptives, it is better to consult your dermatologist immediately. Any delay in such cases might lead to permanent melasma problems.
  • Melasma due to hormone-replacement therapy:There are many risks and side effects associated with HRT or hormone replacement therapy and melasma is one of them. If recognized early these may be treated through topical creams and lotions. However, if the conditions worsen you may need more effective treatments such as laser. 
  • It may also occur due to ovarian dysfunction, liver disease, cosmetics or thyroid autoimmune disease.

At Agelock Skin Clinic, we believe in customising the treatment for our clients.

  • After a thorough medical work up and skin check, your dermatologist will customize your treatment which could be a combination of laser therapy or peels along with topical creams like hydroquinone in liquid, cream or gel format.
  • Laser toning: This treatment can effectively correct skin pigmentation, whether they’re at the surface or deep in the dermal layers. Laser toning is performed using non-ablative lasers, which triggers a natural response in the body to produce more collagen and elastin.
  • Lasers have been tried in the treatment of various pigmentary disorders with variable success. Depending on the consult, we will use a combination of chemical peels and laser therapy like Gentle YAG that fades skin discolorations. There are considerably noticeable differences in 2-6 sessions.
Why go for Laser for its Treatment ?

Laser not only destroys the cells causing melasma it also prevents any kind of relapse. These treatments also work on eliminating your age spots, fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars, giving you a more youthful appearance with glowing and tightened skin. The benefits associated with laser for it include:

  • Quicker Results
  • Faster Recover
  • Improved Results
  • QualityProfessional care without side effects

However, it is very important to choose a good dermatologist who is well-qualified and experienced in administering laser treatments

In case you are looking for a good dermatologist who can treat Melasma in Chandigarh, you can visit Dr. Jagatjit Singh Kohli at his clinic.

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