Lip Augmentation

Lip Augmentation Treatment

Do you often check out the mirror and need you had more luscious and kissable lips? Or wonder how you’ll prevent your lipstick from smudging off your aging lip-line? Well we can help you in Achieving the Perfect lips with Lip Augmentation Treatment in Chandigarh 


Fuller plumper lips define an ideal pout lip. Everyone desires for such lips but not everyone is lucky enough to possess such sensuous & perfect lips. In fact, some people are born with large lips that are out of proportion with the face which may interfere with activities like eating, drinking and even speaking. But worry Not as Defined lips can now be yours any time you would like because of the advancement in face lift, which has led a way out for such struggling people with Lip Augmentation Treatment in Chandigarh


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Lip augmentation treatment has become popular thanks to the impressive cosmetic results possible through this simple procedure. Fat injection, within the hands of an experienced surgeon, shows the simplest and longest enduring results.
A lip reduction surgery can permanently enhance the lip size and this cosmetic surgery are often performed alone or together with other facial surgical procedures like chin augmentation, jaw augmentation or Rhinoplasty. It is performed to

*Achieving a more sensuous look
*Providing more balance to countenance
*Restoring lost volume and shape
*Increasing self-confidence in their appearance


Choose the best dermatologist in Chandigarh for lip fillers.

Dr Jagatjit Singh Kohli is considered as the best dermatologist for lip Augmentation Treatment in Chandigarh. People often say that his lip injection results as ‘breathtakingly beautiful’. This is because he always plans the treatment depending on individual’s requirement, Needs and the desired results. He focuses on improvement of the overall shape and volume to enhance your beauty by many folds.

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