Keloid Treatment


Keloid is mainly composed of collagen and reasons a type of scar at the skin which is rather purple in colour. Keloids look like fibrous nodules or rubbery lesions and are company. Actually, it’s because of the overgrown granulation tissue after a pores and skin injury is healed and sooner or later, is replaced by way of collagen. For Keloid Treatment in Chandigarh, Consult the Best Skin Specialist in Chandigarh, Dr. Jagatjit Singh Kohli 

 The most common place areas which can be affected by Keloids are :

  •  Chest
  •  Palms
  •  Neck
  •  Ear lobes

The scar is generally innocuous however infrequently, it could make your skin really feel pain and itching.

What are the symptoms of Keloid?
  • Ridged or lumpy area of the skin that is usually raised than normal skin level
  • The localized area that is pink or red in color
  • An itchy patch of the skin
  • The localized area that continues to grow larger than before with scar tissue over time.

Keloid is principally related to pores and skin injuries and subsequently, may also be led to by means of following components:

  1. Acne
  2. Chickenpox scars
  3. Vaccination
  4. Body piercing
  5. Tattoos
  6. Insect bite
  7. Surgical cuts
  8. Burns
  9. Hereditary factors
Keloid Treatment

 Dr. JAGAJIT SINGH KOHLI Agelock Skin Clinic will provide you with the effective Keloid Treatments in Chandigarh. So, if you happen to are in search of a dermatologist to treat Keloids, discuss with us at our hospital in Chandigarh.

  1. Intraregional Steroid Injections
  2. Laser Therapy
  3. Creams

At Dr. JAGAJIT SINGH KOHLI Agelock Skin Clinic, we all the time emphasize on getting you the optimal result, whilst maintaining the sector magnificence usual of facilities and patient care. We provide Keloid Treatment at very reasonable Cost in Chandigarh.

Precautions You can Take 
  • Avoid trauma (tattoos, ear lobe piercing).
  • Manage your acne aggressively through a dermatologist.