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Best Hair Transplant in Chandigarh

Are you looking for the best hair transplant treatment in Chandigarh? As the name indicates, a hair transplant involves a dermatological surgeon moving hair to a bald area of the head. Your surgeon will usually move hair from the side or the back of the head to the front or the top.

Don’t worry about the pain as you will always be under local anaesthesia during the entire procedure. Dr. Jagatjit Singh Kohli at Agelock skin clinic is the top hair transplant surgeon in Chandigarh tricity. So there’s no reason to worry!

Who can undergo a hair transplant?

The following set of individuals usually seeks a hair transplant:

  • Women experiencing thinning of hair
  • Men with male pattern baldness
  • Any individual who has lost hair because of a scalp injury or a burn

Hair Transplant Procedures Available in Chandigarh

At Agelock Skin Clinic in Chandigarh, we make use of the following two techniques to obtain follicles for transplantation:

1) Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

  • In this method, the surgeon uses a scalpel to cut out a strip of scalp skin from the side or the back of the head.
  • This incision is then closed with stitches
  • The removed portion of the scalp is then separated into small sections. These sections are then transplanted, and will give a natural look once the hair grows.

2) Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

    • In FUE, the follicles are cut directly from the back of the head through as many as 200-1000 punch incisions
    • Your surgeon will then make small holes with a needle in the part of the scalp where transplantation is needed.
    • The follicles will then be planted there and the patient would have to gauze or bandage their scalp for a few days.

    Your stitches will be removed anywhere between 10-15 days of your surgery.