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Male pattern baldness is a rather common problem. It affects numerous men around the world. If you are a victim of this problem, we have hair regain therapies that are safe and effective. The only thing we will both do is to determine the hair treatment procedure that is best for your case. Our most permanent techniques are two:
This is a surgical method that is extremely suitable for people who live with male pattern baldness. During the surgery, the doctor removes living follicles from another part of your scalp. Then, he or she implants them into the hairless spot. The active follicles are usually removed from the back or sides of the head. This is normally because these grafts are known to have genes that resist balding.
While the strip harvesting method is still useful, we prefer to use follicular unit extraction—FUE. Hence, we remove one follicular unit at a time rather than stripping a whole scalp tissue from our donor site. Curls have been found to grow naturally after our FUE procedure.
This is perhaps the best existing regrowth method for women with female pattern baldness. It is non-invasive and a good alternative for those who do not want surgery. Women will find this procedure useful after giving birth, or when their locks are just dry and brittle due to hormonal problems.
Those who have relaxed or treated their curls with heat or color far too long can use this restoration procedure. The low-level therapy is safe and effective when done by a doctor who understands it well.
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