Skin shade known as ‘Melanin’, delivered by cells called melanocytes, which gives skin the shading, is liable for skin composition. Spots are cells that contain more measure of melanin contrasted with the encompassing zones. Spots are obvious in type of little, small dark/brown spots on face. These spots may likewise be available on the hands, elbows, neck, back and so on.


Causes: Freckles are activated by introduction to daylight. The melanocytes retain the daylight and produce more melanin, in this manner causing spots. They are a characteristic response of the skin to the sun.

  • Hereditary-It runs in families, and kids are bound to have spots if the guardians have them.
  • Complexion-reasonable individuals are more inclined to have spots than dull individuals.
  • Tanning
  • Seasonal-In certain individuals, spots show up in the late spring and vanish in the winter.


Treatment: While there are stories that spots are heavenly attendant kisses, however this isn’t valid. Spots don’t bring any rabbit’s foot and can be forestalled and maintained a strategic distance from to improve generally speaking skin and tasteful intrigue.


Dr. JAGATJIT SINGH KOHLI gives an assortment of Treatment to spots in Chandigarh at Agelock Skin Clinic, however not all medicines are suggested for everybody. Staying away from or decreasing sun introduction and utilizing great sun insurance can help in diminishing the quantity of spots and the dimness of the spots.

1.Topical Creams-Though broadly utilized, these contain blanching specialists which follow up on the whole skin and not simply the spots. Retin – An is one of the generally utilized items.

2.Laser-Considered the best technique for spots expulsion, a light emission laser is utilized to diminish the undesirable melanocytes which produce melanin. This not just diminishes spots, it likewise improves skin tone and shading.

  1. Cryotherapy-Liquid nitrogen is utilized to freeze the melanin-creating cells are solidified by evacuating, in this way expelling spots.