Face Lift Treatment

Face Lift Treatment

Are you looking for some good skin tightening procedure that doesn’t cause pain and also adds volume to your facial contours? Well, then Face Lift Treatment is the ideal choice for you. And here’s another major benefit of this treatment, it is non-surgical!

Common non-surgical face lift treatments include:

  • Exilis Facelift
  • Instant thread lift
  • Combination of the two

Exilis Face lift

This treatment makes use of a monopolar radiofrequency device that offers advanced in-built cooling – a feature that can combat your wrinkles and address fat planes, simultaneously.

The device rejuvenates entire face and neck by tightening the skin and stimulating collagen, which in turn, softens wrinkles. Since Exilis Facelift is a great alternative to surgical facelift procedure, many individuals opt-in for this without any second thought.

This face lift treatment is ideal to improve the appearance of the neck, under-eyes area, jowls and the contours of the face. It is equally beneficial for all face types.

Thread Lift

Thread lift is another face lifting method that takes only 10-15 minutes and that too non-invasively. In this treatment, bio-compatible polydioxadione threads are used. They are absorbed into the deeper dermis of the skin within 4-6 months of instillation. The threads smoothen the lines and folds by lifting the skin at a deeper level.

The thread face lift has been proven to boost fibroblast and stimulate the collagen production in deeper dermis along the direction of threads. The treatment is painless as you will be first given a topical anesthetic. This treatment is a good alternative to conventional fillers.

Combination of Exilis and Thread Lift

Many studies have shown that a hybrid of the two treatments is very effective at reversing your face back by what it looked 10-15 years ago. Since this treatment requires a lot of precision, only experienced dermatologists like Dr. Jagatjit Singh Kohli at Agelock should be consulted for it.

To conclude, Face lift treatment can help you reduce:

  • Sagging appearance of your cheeks
  • Deepening of the fold of skin from your nose side to the mouth corner
  • Excess Skin on the lower jawline

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