Cheek Augmentation

Cheek Augmentation Treatment

Cheek Augmentation Treatment in Chandigarh

The tight facial skin that we all have in our youth days is all because of collagen. When we are young, our body plays an important role in the augmentation of collagen in the skin. But the Facial skin especially our cheeks tend to sag down due to lack of collagen as we get older which makes you old.

We can restore the youthful look with Cheek augmentation Treatment in Chandigarh. Cheek Augmentation is a procedure that is designed to enhance the shape or contour of the mid-face and the cheek by simply adding definition and volume.

Who Can Consider A Cheek Implant?

  • If cheeks lack definition.
  • With age, your cheeks have become saggy, flat and sunken giving you a gaunt and fatigued look.
  • You have wrinkles on cheeks

There are several procedures to restore the volume of cheeks such as injectables & more

Cheek fillers- To restore the radiance and youthfulness to the skin, injectable fillers such as Hyaluronic acid are used to add volume to your cheeks. Fillers provide a long-lasting impact. If you are not sure about a permanent implant, you may try fillers to restore the mid face fullness. It hardly takes 2 minutes to inject fillers, and there are rarely any visible marking.