BOTOX Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Botox ?

Botox is a highly purified preparation of botulinum toxin A, a toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum., approved by the FDA that is mostly used to improve moderate to severe frown lines, crow’s feet, Forehead lines & More

2. How does Botox work?

As Repeated muscle contractions are one of the causes of wrinkles. And botox temporarily blocks nerve signals to muscle as a result muscles in which it is injected can’t contract & These effects can last for several months

3. What is the major difference between Botox and dermal fillers?

Both botox and Dermal Fillers treatments works differently on different areas of the face.

Botox is a better choice when it comes to treat dynamic wrinkles as it targets the muscle and will help reduce the appearance of lines that are visible when you are moving your face or making particular expressions, by reducing their motion and visibility. Basically , these muscles are mainly  located on the forehead or in the eyebrow area and around the sides of the eyes whereas Dermal fillers are ideal for static wrinkles, which are visible even when your face is relaxed and making no expression and are normally located around the mouth, nose and jaw. So that’s how there usage and Importance differ.

4. How long does Botox last?

On an Average Botox Treatment’s Results lasts for 4-5 Months.

5. Are Botox injections painful?

No Botox injections are not Painful. You will just feel a quick sting with injection and that’s all

6. Which areas on my face can I have Botox injected?

The most common treatment areas are the forehead, frown line (between the eyebrows), and crow’s feet, but Botox® may also be used to smooth areas of the neck and jawline.

7. How long until I can see the final results after my first treatment?

Normally after injecting Botox in the treatment area. You get to  see full results within 3 to 5 days in most cases.

8. Will I still be able to make facial expressions?

Yes Definitely, as  The effect of Botox on muscle movement are subtle and limited to the treatment area. So there will be no Difficulty in Facial Expressions

9. Can I have an allergic reaction to Botox ?

Honestly Allergic reactions to Botox , though possible but are very rare.

10. What are the risks and side effects?

Headaches and bruising are some of the reported, but rare, side effects. When you will be going for botox treatment before the procedure, Your doctor will discuss these, along with expected results and any possible risks

11. How often will I need Botox treatment?

Well that’s Completely Dependant on person to person as Every person is different. On the Other hand Your frequency of treatment will depend on your desired results. The average interval between treatments is 4 to 5 months.

12. How much is the recovery time?

There is no Downtime with botox Treatment. Immediately after going through botox treatment you can get back to your normal work routine.

13. How do I know whether Botox or a dermal filler is right for me?

We offer complimentary cosmetic consultations and will let you know if fillers and Botox are appropriate for you. You will leave with an understanding of how they work, what the costs are, and what you can expect from your treatment.

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