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Acne or pimples tends to be one of the most common skin problems seen in teens. It, unfortunately, causes a significant amount of distress at the same time when young people are going through a difficult phase of puberty. Most teens are bothered a lot by the cosmetic problems due to pimples on the face and they start finding ways to cure them and finding the best acne treatment.

The first step in the management of pimples is to reassure teens that this is part of the changes which happen in the body due to hormonal changes, and can be almost gone away for good after a certain phase. This helps the teens to accept the pimples and not get stressed out unduly.

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Types of Acne

Acne varies in shape, size, color, and intensity of pain.

The following types of zits popping out can be acne:

1. Blackheads: Visible to the naked eye, they are black dot-like that appear on the surface of the skin, most commonly on the nose, between the eyebrows, chin, and lower chin.

2. Whiteheads: These are very small and are under the skin.

3. Papules: Small-sized, generally pink bumps, appears on the surface of the skin.

4. Pustules: Red at the base and pus in the sack are visible on the surface of the skin.

5. Nodules: Larger, solid, round painful zits that are rooted deep in the skin but are visible on the surface of the skin.

6. Cysts: Pus-filled, swelled, inflamed sacks that are more apparent on the face and back surface of the skin. They even cause scars.

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Best Acne Treatment at Agelock Skin Clinic:

1. Medicated Creams: Everyone seeking medical treatment for pimples are given a cleanser, a night cream, and a cream for active pimples. It usually varies based on the type of pimples that are present. In addition, we also give an exfoliating scrub.

2. Tablets: In many cases with acne, scars are an obvious possibility. This then needs to be treated more aggressively as it is very important to prevent scars or at least minimize them. The tablets could be either hormonal, antibiotics, or a synthetic vitamin A analog. Almost everyone has a query about if the medications have steroids. But we know for certain that steroids are neither indicated nor useful in acne. You will never be given steroids at our clinic without you being told that steroids are being prescribed. For acne treatment, we never use steroids.

3. Chemical peels: We sometimes combine salicylic acid peels with creams and/or tablets. This usually happens when we want a more rapid response to treatment. The peels are typically carried out once every 3 weeks. The benefit of peels is a more rapid response and shorter healing times which results in fewer scars.

4. LASERs, Micro-needling, etc are treatments (Acne Treatment) done mainly for scars resulting from acne.

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Dr. Jagatjit Singh Kohli

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A medical graduate by the virtue of his education, Dr. Jagatjit Singh Kohli made a switch to aesthetic medicine in 2013 following his lure and passion for beauty. Dr. Kohli’s pursuit to offer the best skin care treatments led him to envision a state-of-the-art facility, offering the latest in skincare at a time when there were a few takers. After completing his training in India and the US and with acclaimed dermatologists from all over the world, Dr. Kohli started ‘Agelock Skin Clinic’, in Chandigarh in 2015.

Dr. Jagatjit Singh Kohli introduced mesotherapy to the Indian consumer in the year 2013. He has also played an integral part in creating awareness and acceptance for many treatments by holding workshops and seminars in rural as well as urban India.

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