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Acne Specialist Doctor in Chandigarh

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Acne or pimples tends to be the commonest skin problem seen in teens. It unfortunately causes a significant amount of distress at a time when young people are already going through a difficult phase. Most teens are very bothered by the cosmetic problems due to pimples on the face and they start finding ways to cure them and finding the best acne treatment.

The first step in the management of pimples is to reassure teens that this is part of the changes happening in the body due to hormonal changes. It almost always settles down in life. This helps the teens to accept the pimples and not get unduly stressed out.

Types of Acne


Acne varies in shape, size, color, and intensity of pain.

The following types zits popping out can possibly be acne:

  • Blackheads: Visible to the naked eye, they are black dot-like that appear on the surface of the skin, most commonly on the nose, between the eyebrows, chin, and lower chin.
  • Whiteheads: These are very small and are seated under the skin
  • Papules: Small sized, generally pink bumps, appears on the surface of the skin
  • Pustules: Red at the base and pus in the sack are clearly visible on the surface of the skin.
  • Nodules: Larger, solid, round painful zits that rooted deep in the skin but are clearly visible on the surface of the skin.
  • Cysts: Pus-filled, swelled, inflamed sacks those are more apparent on the face and back surface of the skin. They even cause scars.

Causes of Acne

Causes of Acne are surprising but eye-opening:

Sebum: This is an oily substance that aids moisturize our skin but excess of it is the main cause of prompting acne by sticking the dead skin cells together and thus increasing their likeliness of getting confined inside a pore. The blocked pores come into being as blackheads, whiteheads, zits or pimples.

Pollution & Pollutants: Blackheads are acidified oil that is produced overtime with accumulation of dirt from excessive exposure to pollution. If bacteria are also persistent on skin, redness, inflammation and swelling can take place leading to progression of the pimple into a cyst or nodule. The production of sebum is usually triggered at puberty. Remember, Sweat never cause acne.

Food: Junk, processed, greasy and fried foods are not only bad or generally deteriorating for overall health, but they also play a casual key in causing acne.

Foods high in carbohydrates, sugar, dairy products are great source in accumulating oil glands that in turn pop acne. Even pure chocolate is considered a factor to infuriate acne though findings are far from evinced.

Stress: Prevalent stress releases hormone called Cortisol which is a primary stress hormone known to increases the level of sugars in the bloodstream while also changes the serum level of many hormones thus playing a kind of indirect role in causing acne.

Heredity: If one of your parents had severe acne, it is likely that you can have the propensity to produce acne or that your acne will be more difficult to manage, especially with home remedies.

Medication: Some medicinal drugs may induce or aggrandize acne, such as those containing bromides, iodides, oral or injected steroids {Orasone, Deltasone Liquid Pred}. Other drugs that act as a contributing factor to acne are Lithobid, lithium or anticonvulsant medications. However, only less than a few cases of acne might be drug related.

Cosmetics: Some skin care and make-up products are characteristically “comedogenic”, meaning that they are pore blocking. Of the many brands of cosmetic products available, it is vital to read the list of ingredients and pick those which are water based or paraben free, if one is concerned about acne. These “water-bearer” skin products are generally skin-friendly and best for those with breakouts.

Best Acne Treatment at Agelock Skin Clinic: 

  • Medicated Creams: Everybody seeking medical treatment for pimples will be given a cleanser, a night cream and a cream for active pimples. It usually vary based upon the type of pimples that are present. In addition, I may also give an exfoliating scrub.
  • Tablets: In many people with acne, scars is a real possibility. This then needs to be treated more aggressively as it is very important to prevent scars and atleast minimize them. The tablets could be either hormonal tablets or antibiotics or a synthetic vitamin A analog called isotretinoin. Almost everyone asks if the medications have steroids. I always say that steroids are neither indicated nor useful in acne. You will never be given steroids at our clinic without you being clearly told that steroids are being prescribed. For acne treatment, we never use steroids.
  • Chemical peels: We sometimes combine salicylic acid peels with creams and/or tablets. This usually happens when we want a more rapid response to treatment. The peels are typically carried out once in every 3 weeks. The benefit of peels is a more rapid response and shorter healing times which results in fewer scars.
  • LASERs, Microneedling etc are treatments(Acne Treatment) done mainly for scars resulting from acne.

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