Acne Scars


Who Gets Acne Scars

Despite the fact that skin problem that everyone more or less has, the acne scars can be caused severely for some people. A few examples where the chance of causing acne scar is higher.

  • Those who have been caught with the inflammatory acne, they are more prone to have acne scars. The swollen or reddish acne goes deep down the skin, causing a severe damage to it.
  • In the delay of treating inflammatory acne can cause the scar. The scarring will be higher when one keeps the acne in an untreated condition.
  • When you squeeze or pick the acne, then you have a greater tendency to have the acne scar.

These are the few conditions that increase the possibility of acne scars. But it is not possible to say confidently who will develop the problem and who will not. You need undergo a treatment procedure if you really want to get rid of this common skin disease.

What causes Acne Scar?

When acne appears on the skin, it not only damages the skin but also affects the tissue beneath it.  When your body heals acne, it also tries to repair the damages.

As we all know the science, collagen fiber repairs the damaged skin. The scar will cause when your body has an imbalance collagen production. Too much or too little collagen generation causes the scar on the acne area.

Depending upon the collagen production, the scars are divided into two types – depressed acne scars and raised acne scars.

Depressed Acne Scar:

When the body generates too little collagen as compared to the required amount needed for healing the scar, pits appear on the skin.

Raised acne scar:

Due to the excessive collagen production during the healing of the wounds, a raised acne scar appears. It gives you the feeling of uneven skin issue or bumpiness on the s